Yoshiki Fail: Howard Stern Complains About Him

Even Howard Stern is hatin'...

Howard has a point, though. In the grand scheme of rock, especially here in the US, Yoshiki matters NOT AT ALL.

Seriously, how many dicks did he have to suck to get a radio show that people have to pay for to listen to?

Oh yes, I did just say that.

And it's not even that good, he just talks about himself and plays....not Japanese songs. Pfft. I couldn't even listen to the whole thing...he sounds like he's EXTREMELY high and also eating the microphone. Just ear rape all around.

Mary Sue Litmus Test

I found this test that determines whether the character(s) in your stories are Mary-Sue's or not. (For those who don't know, Mary-Sues are characters that are just versions of the author, and in the fanfic world it's pretty insulting for someone to suggest your character is a Mary-Sue). The higher the score, the more of a Mary-Sue your character is.

I took this test for my main characters in Legacy: Amanda, Hide, and Yoshiki.
Amanda got a 21.
Hide got a 33.
Yoshiki got a 36.

I think it's funny that the characters who actually are/were real people got higher scores then my original character. ^_^

I made a new community!

I've been working hard the past few days, and as a result I've made a new community!
My community is miyavi_tayori , and it's a community where you can get up-to-date Miyavi news, pics, videos, and more! You can even share your own original fanfiction and artwork!
Feel free to check it out, and if you want to contribute to the community, become a member!
Any future Miyavi posts that I make will be in this community, no longer here on my personal journal. Except my fanfiction, that will be featured on both.

And feel free to spread the word!

Miyavi's going there right now!!

Melody pics

Wondering what she's been doing and if she's still so pretty? Me too! Luckily, these showed up on Facebook:

Hair is blond, and Lovelie looks sweaty. Must be summer.

They're hanging out with pink blotchy people XD
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this was probably taken last summer, so Melody's definitely pregnant with Jewelie (I mean come on, who wears a dress like that when they're not hiding a belly?)

Yay, let's force our children to play together!
Apparently this was summer of '09. Melody and Lovelie are on the far right. Melody is sans makeup! *gasp*

Melody (left) has Jewelie in her tummy! And it looks like she's almost ready!
Is it just me, or is Lovelie a lot bigger than a 1 1/2 year old should be? Takes after Daddy, I guess!

Yay, that was cute ^_^

Completion: Chapter One

I have a new fic here. Just like with Legacy, this was bumping against the inside of my skull until I typed it out. (PS Don't worry, I haven't abandoned Legacy! I'm just super lazy >_<) Here's a MiyavixMelody fic, one of the very few I've seen. And it seems that all the other ones end up with them divorcing and Miyavi going gay for someone *lame*. I actually had this idea a loooong time ago, even before they got married. I just replaced the OFC with Melody (and made my storytelling easier in the process)

Chapter rating: PG

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To help with the story, here's Melody's song "Finding My Road". Just imagine her dancing far better and crazier than she is in the video. Plus, it's a cool song XD

Also, please visit my new community, miyavi_tayori , where you can find the latest Miyavi news, videos, pics, and more!


Selling some more stuff! This time, my manga is up for grabs.

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SALES POST: Asiany Stuff

Just a few things cluttering up my room....

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